Some Hints and Tips for Minimizing Conflict

Any Ventura County family lawyer will tell you that when dealing with your spouse on family-related matters, it is imperative that you try to minimize the level of conflict between the two of you at all cost. The following tips are provided in an effort to give you some ideas on how to best handle your particular situation.

First of all, you should take responsibility for whatever role you played in the problem and let your spouse know that you would rather be a part of the solution than the problem. Additionally, in an effort to show your spouse that you are indeed listening, restate your spouse’s complaint in your own words, and before you respond, try to place your response between two positive statements. For example, you can start by admitting to some assistance that your spouse has given you, then state your request, and end with a simple thank you.

Some other tips that a Ventura County family lawyer might offer you include hedging, which involves the use of certain softening phrases, such as “maybe if we did X, then…” or “perhaps we could….” Also, if your spouse begins to get argumentative or starts talking really fast, you should try doing the opposite, and speak really slowly and calmly.

Additionally, where all else has failed, simply offer an apology. You would be surprised at how effective an apology can be, even if you’re not the one at fault. Furthermore, make an offer to compromise when feasible. Trade one favor for another.

If you believe that you would benefit from having the assistance of a Ventura County family lawyer to help settle some of your issues, please call Gary Mitchell at (888) 452-1846 for a free consultation.

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