Surviving and Thriving After Divorce

Divorce affects more than the two adults involved; in fact, a Thousand Oaks family attorney might comment that children frequently bear the brunt of the instability that results from marital separation. The following tips can help create structure for children during and after a divorce.

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Open Communication

Parents may not always be prepared for certain issues to arise, but the best way of handling any situation (and preventing problems in the first place) is to establish open communication with all children. Also, parents should respond to any problems that arise as soon as possible.

Establishing Structure

Because children thrive in secure, structured households, it should be a priority for you and your ex-spouse to establish specific times for visiting. This will allow children to develop routines and avoid placing unnecessary stress on you and your ex-spouse.

Use calendars to synchronize households; create identical wall calendars for both parents to utilize. Showcase items on the calendar that should stay consistent, such as bedtimes, extracurricular activities, and when each parent has custody.

Preparing for Emergencies

Both parents should coordinate responsibilities in an emergency or unplanned situation (even though the children’s schools should have contact information for both parents). For instance, decide ahead of time who takes charge if a child needs to be retrieved early from school. Parents may determine this based on work circumstances—e.g., if father is unemployed while mother works two jobs, then the father can more easily pick up the child at school—or by other means.

Are you worrying about the effects that divorce may have on your children? Use these suggestions to maintain healthy environments for your family, and consult Thousand Oaks family attorney Gary Mitchell at (888) 452-1846 for more legal advice to help you through these tough times.

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