A Thousand Oaks Divorce Attorney on the Needs of the Children During a Divorce

Though it is appropriate to tell children about the divorce, a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney can explain the reason for the split up is not. Keeping children on regular schedules for bedtime and meals also will reassure them that things will be okay.

Provide Reassurance

Thousand Oaks Divorce AttorneyChildren need food, shelter and clothing. Parents must continue to supply those things when they are going through divorce along with reassurance that they are still loved, cared for and cherished. To help handle the many changes that come with divorce, parents should reassure their children often and provide them with age-appropriate information about their current and future situations.

Children Will Take Cues from Parents

If you handle the divorce process well, so will your children. Parents who stress, whimper and buckle under the challenges of divorce will find their children doing the same. However, parents who remain calm and confidant will have children who take notice and follow their lead. It is important to remember a change, like divorce, may impact the development of children. Therefore, a Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer may suggest children be monitored closely for any delays or regressions. For example, children who were using the toilet on a regular basis may begin to have accidents. As the children’s lives become more stable, they should recover. But, if children begin displaying severe regressions or destructive behaviors, such as being violent with siblings, counseling is necessary.

Call a Thousand Oaks Divorce Attorney for Assistance

If you have children and are filing for divorce, call Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846 for legal help.

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