A Ventura Divorce Lawyer Discusses Parenting Issues in Divorce

Ventura divorce lawyer After a divorce, working with your ex-spouse on a co-parenting plan can present problems. This may be due in part to differences of opinion regarding parenting that have existed all along, and only now surface. These differences may also derive from ill-feelings that often develop in divorce. Your Ventura divorce attorney can discuss solutions to common issues that arise and help you prioritize what is in the best interests of your children.

Consistency Is Key

Your Ventura divorce lawyer knows that children do best with consistent schedules and parenting styles between the parents. A stable home life now can minimize the chances of behavioral issues or fights later. To help ensure consistency, your Ventura divorce lawyer might suggest keeping a notebook to record the child’s daily routine including:

  • wake/sleep schedule
  • eating times
  • important dates/milestones.

Separation Anxiety

Children of divorced parents may experience separation anxiety when transitioning from one household to the next. You can minimize the risk of this by developing a clear cut parenting plan so everyone understands the boundaries and can easily follow them. Your plan should include:

  • frequent contact between parents (including frequent overnights or extended stays)
  • a shared nanny or babysitter to help maintain consistency
  • consistent pick-up and drop-off times.

If problems do arise, your Ventura divorce attorney can refer you to a therapist or mediator for conflict resolution.

Consult a Ventura Divorce Lawyer for Questions

Divorce often creates a range of challenges, many of which, if not resolved effectively, can adversely affect the children. For more information about dealing with divorce-related parenting issues, contact Ventura divorce lawyer Gary Mitchell today at 888-452-1846.

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