Ventura Divorce Lawyers Discuss Ways to Develop a Co-Parenting Plan

Ventura Divorce LawyersVentura divorce lawyers can explain that a children’s log is a journal of information about the children, their schools, and concerns that is sent between the two parents.┬áThink about it as a diary that takes note of everything your children do.

The child should keep it in their school bag and bring it back and forth between the two homes. Parents should write something in it whenever it is at their homes so the other knows you have acknowledged it. Ventura divorce lawyers can explain anything that it is in the weekly packet of information sent home from the school be provided to the other parent. Both parents should know about schedules and other important information.

New Spouses and Child Support

Parents who have trouble talking to their exes should have their new spouses do it. If that doesn’t work out, send the ex-spouse a letter, put a message in the children’s log or send an e-mail. Don’t leave messages and communication you have for the other parent to your children. It is critical that you not make children the messengers.

Communicating with an ex may be difficult, but it is vital for your children. Child support is a given. Ventura divorce lawyers can tell you most single dads pay it and if you think about it as a payment to your ex-spouse then starting thinking another way. Child support is for the children. If you can, have the support deducted from your paycheck so you can avoid getting angry when you have to write a check every month.

Contact Ventura Legal Lawyers for Assistance

Child support is often a necessary evil of a divorce. If your marriage has broken up and you need legal advice, call the Ventura divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Gary Mitchell: 888-452-1846.

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