An Initial Divorce To-Do Checklist

The decision to get a divorce is generally not easy to make. It is even harder taking care of all the initial steps associated with a divorce. Your Thousand Oaks family attorney can help you prepare an initial to-do checklist that will help you get organized.

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There are three main priorities that you need to incorporate into your initial checklist. These concern your personal affairs, your career, and your personal and financial records.




During the course of your marriage, you most probably accumulated numerous personal memorabilia, such as photos, post cards, and CDs. Now that your marriage has come to an end, you need to make a list determining who will get what.


You also need to ensure your privacy. Your Thousand Oaks family attorney may advise you to rent a post office box and even create a new email account. You should also change your passwords and PIN numbers to your credit cards and other personal accounts, such as online stores and social networks.




Although some people prefer to keep their divorce private, you may want to inform your employer because your boss may be more lenient if he knows the reason behind needing to take time off work. Your boss may even allow you to make up any time that you miss.


If you are not currently employed, your Thousand Oaks family attorney may advise you to start looking for a job. Upon the finalization of your divorce, you will be financially independent from your spouse.




It is very important that you gather and organize your personal records, especially if your spouse was the one who handled everything during the marriage. You should make copies of financial statements, tax returns, bank statements, and insurance policies.


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