A Ventura Family Law Lawyer Discusses Scheduling Time with Children of Divorce

Children of parents going through a divorce should spend time with both parents. The age of the children should be considered when parents are trying to make plans with them. A Ventura family law lawyer can explain that children in school, those between the ages of 6 and 12, need responsible as well as recreational time with both parents.

Ventura Family Law AttorneyBoth homes should require the children to take on some┬áresponsibility at the houses. Staying overnight should depend on the children’s school responsibilities. School should be a top priority, and therefore a reasonable bed time and homework schedule should be followed at both homes. Both parents should remain active in their children’s lives by participating in carpooling and supervising activities. Extended summer time stays may be appropriate with both parents.

Parents with Older Children
Teenagers require as much supervision as toddlers. Children ages 13 to 17 require a commitment from parents similar to those for younger children. They need predictable and consistent parenting and flexibility. As teenagers they want more time away from parents, so a Ventura family law attorney can tell you carpooling and chaperoning activities become very important ways to stay involved in their lives. Parents should also be open to having their children’s friends come along to visit them as well giving them other say into when they spend time together.

Contact a Ventura Family Law Attorney for Assistance
Children’s ages must be considered when developing a contact schedule after a divorce. If you need legal advice on how to handle your children in a divorce, contact Ventura family law attorney Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.

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