Family Law Attorney in Ventura County: Uncovering Hidden Assets

California, as a community property state, has strict rules with respect to the division of property during a divorce. The goal is for each party to leave the union with an equal share of the property that was obtained during the marriage. Sadly, however, divorce is rarely a pleasant event, and it can cause people to use dishonest methods in order to get the upper hand.

Gary Mitchell, a highly-experienced family law attorney in Ventura County, is already aware of the fact that the majority of couples are unaware of their fiduciary obligations during the marriage, and it is rare that both spouses fully comprehend the extent of their marital assets. When you take part in multifaceted property division issues, the situation can be both trying and perplexing. The key to avoiding some of those complexities is disclosure.

During the time of your marriage, you should strive to maintain open communication and deal fairly with your spouse. The law, in an effort to hold spouses responsible, imposes serious monetary sanctions or penalties on the spouse who decides to “hide” his or her assets. Remembering what you had prior to the start of your marriage, what you obtained during your marriage, and what you have in other states can be a very hard task; thus, freely communicating with your spouse in this regard can help you avoid having to deal with the possibility of finding assets that should have been denoted from the start.

Your skilled family law attorney in Ventura County, in an effort to do his or her due diligence, can utilize the services of a forensic accountant as soon as possible to help you track your assets. These specialists can help you figure out which assets or property belongs to both of you and which may fall into other categories. If you believe that your spouse has hidden assets and you need a family law attorney in Ventura County to assist you, please call Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.

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