Making Sure the Kids Are All Right

It is not uncommon for a Ventura divorce lawyer to see children victimized during an unpleasant divorce because the ex-spouses are preoccupied with fighting one another.  Read the following tips to learn how to protect your children during divorce proceedings.

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Children in Divorced Homes

  • After divorce, parents and children often settle into a comfortable (if not ideal) rhythm that includes shared custody schedules.
  • Throughout divorce proceedings, however, children often lose the sense of control and stability they have become accustomed to.
  • That is why it is so important for parents to make time to discuss the divorce with their children and assure them that the instability and unpleasantness does not stem from them.

Guidelines for Parental Behavior

  • While parents should discuss with children the possible effects of divorce, they should not include children in the proceedings or the aftermath.
  • For instance, children should not be used as messengers or spies between ex-spouses.
  • It is best to avoid forming a friend relationship with the child, as this change in role may be confusing to the child and can result in a loss of authority and respect for the parent.
  • In addition, all gossip or complaints about the other parent should not be related to children.
  • Perhaps the most important job parents have after a divorce is to listen to their children and assure them that they are loved.

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Even through marital troubles, ex-spouses must take the responsibility for putting the well-being of their children first.  Do the right thing for your children and hire an experiencedVenturadivorce lawyer to help you through this difficult process.  Call Gary Mitchell at (888) 452-1846.

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