Parenting Plans After Divorce—Needs of Children Ages 0-2

Your Ventura divorce lawyer will advise that from 0-2 years of age, children need secure emotional attachments that provide stability. This safety and protection requires consistency and responsiveness on the part of the children’s parents.

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Typically, a baby under 2 months of age will respond to almost any caregiver. From ages 2-6 months, a primary caregiver is both recognized and preferred. A preferred caregiver is then actively sought by children between 7 months and 2 years, and between 15 months and 2 years, a child may actively protest separation.

Normally, when a child leaves and returns to one or both parents, he or she may become greatly distressed. If parents are abusive to each other, become aggressive, or emotionally unresponsive because of individual emotional problems, or openly argue and fight, children (even babies) become clinging, frightened, and sensitive, and may develop eating or sleep disorders.

Coordinating Schedules

Because children need a secure, stable, and calm environment, a Ventura divorce lawyer will advise the parents to coordinate sleep and feeding schedules. Arguments over routines are harmful to children. What is needed is consistent and frequent contact scheduled with both mother and father.

At this age, children need more contact than every other weekend. If too much time elapses between contact times with a parent, problems forming attachments may occur. Separation anxiety and failing to bond with one or more parent may result from ignoring or overlooking the need children have for consistent parental contact.

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