Red Flags for Claims Adjusters

Westlake Village personal injury attorney

Your Westlake Village personal injury attorney knows that claims adjusters will carefully investigate personal injury claims for any “red flags,” such as the following:

Medical Personnel

Both your attorney and the claims adjuster is aware that often, ambulance drivers refer cases to law firms with whom they have a connection. The medical knowledge such drivers have, along with their legal connections, gives them the ability to learn how a claim can be backed up. The same can be said of doctors and nurses, due to the relevant practical knowledge they possess.

Police and Union Members

Several law firms will continually emerge as the counsel for truck drivers, taxi drivers, iron workers, etc., having received referrals from the members of their unions. Subsequently, these law firms refer the workers to medical experts who give testimony, reports, treatment and medical diagnosis that serve the law firm and its purposes. Your Westlake Village personal injury attorney will tell you that any particular occupation that has the possibility of obtaining money from litigation and that creates a sophistication from injury cases or vehicle accidents will be carefully examined as part of the investigation regarding your claim. For example, some police officers are made aware by attorneys of the possibility of using litigation to make large amounts of money.

Rental Vehicles

Accidents involving rental vehicles are often single car collisions that occur in isolated areas where no one witnessed the accident and police investigation is negligible. If a truck is involved, the case may involve property losses resulting from cargo that was damaged. Often, allegations of improper maintenance or an unsafe vehicle turn out to be the gravamen against the truck and/or equipment manufacturer, as well as the equipment’s owner.

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