Ventura Family Attorney | Weathering the Storm

Divorce creates chaos and change – in people’s homes, self-perceptions, finances, social relationships and parenting. Any Ventura family attorney can tell you that if there ever was a rule book for divorce, it’s now obsolete. When people aren’t sure how to conduct themselves, they may behave eccentrically. People may even revert to the lifestyle of their single days, despite their capacity for a much higher level of maturity. They may engage in risky or self-destructive activities, such as using drugs and alcohol. They may also find themselves entangled in risky or unhealthy sexual relationships.

It is important to maintain a balance during divorce. Here are some guidelines for weathering the chaos of divorce:

Resist making any major, risky changes. Some people react to a divorce by deciding that since their marriage is ending, everything else should, too. They change jobs, move to a new place, take up a hobby they can’t afford, or join a commune. A divorce alone will bring plenty of change to your life. If something in your life doesn’t absolutely have to be changed, leave it alone.

Take care of your children. No job is more important than taking care of your children. Make sure they have what they need – especially you. Protect them from the negativity of a divorce. Don’t act stressed or angry around them. Keep up a positive demeanor around your kids. Focusing on the needs of your children will keep you occupied on something healthy, rather than dwelling on your problems.

For more tips on how to survive a divorce, contact Ventura family attorney Gary Mitchell today.

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