Ventura Family Lawyer: Avoid Major Changes Following Your Divorce

Divorce is a chaotic process that results in many changes. Former spouses have new living arrangements and must adjust to making independent financial decisions. They may also experience changes to their parenting routines and social relationships with relatives and friends. When people encounter so many major changes at once, the chaos may affect their personal behavior. Gary Mitchell, Ventura family lawyer, offers these simple rules to help individuals as they navigate the divorce process and face life after divorce.

Spouses should understand that the chaos of divorce may tempt them to revert back to the lifestyle of single persons. They may decide to make questionable choices such as risky or self-destructive use of drugs and alcohol. Some individuals decide to start new relationships with members of the opposite sex, without thinking through the effects of new romantic connections. While these choices may seem like a good idea at the time, immature or hasty decisions may lead to lasting consequences.

Before making any major changes, an individual should think about whether the decision is really necessary at that time. Divorce is already a significant change. Some individuals react to divorce by making choices that can affect their professional or financial well-being. Accordingly, it may be a good idea to avoid making additional decisions such as job changes, moves, or cash outs of retirement accounts within one year of a divorce.

Parents should always prioritize the well-being of their children during the divorce. Children may feel a great deal of uncertainty and upheaval during their parents’ divorce. Parents can try to protect their children by reducing the stress experienced by the children and seeking to project a positive attitude. For more information, please contact Ventura family attorney Gary Mitchell.

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