Alimony Explained: How Will It Be Calculated?

It is common for the court to order alimony payments in a divorce, especially if one spouseWestlake Village divorce lawyer has a far greater income than the other. The exact calculations used to determine the amount vary from case to case as a Westlake Village divorce lawyer will tell you. The courts will consider several variables as required by law as well as variables introduced by both parties. Here are some considerations the court will use in calculating alimony.

Financial Status of the Requester
If one spouse is unable to provide for him or herself, alimony may be more likely. The courts generally do not want a divorce to result in somebody being cast out into the streets with no assets.

Condition of Child
If one parent is the major custodian of a child who requires special care, alimony is more likely to be awarded. It is important that the children in a divorce be cared for, especially if the parent is unable to provide with outside help. The financially logical decision, as your Westlake Village family divorce attorney will push for, is to provide support for the parent who is taking care of the child.

Loss of Career
A common situation seen by a Westlake Village divorce lawyer is a spouse who has put his or her career on hold during the marriage in deference to the other. In this case, the large gap in career advancement and difference in pay in what the spouse could be making may be compensated for by alimony.

If you have questions about alimony, consult a Westlake Village divorce lawyer. Call Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.

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