Arguments against Collaborative Divorce

 divorce attorney VenturaTraditionally, a couple who did not have issues to resolve during the divorce used a process called attorney-assisted mediation. Our divorce attorney Ventura can help you determine if collaborative divorce is a good fit for you or if you should use a traditional approach to divorce.

The Pitfalls of Collaborative Divorce

Once the divorce process is finished, the couples are barred from hiring the same attorneys again, even if they were happy with their services. This means they are denied the right to seek a legal representative of their own choosing.

Collaborative divorce focuses on working out disagreements. Traditionally, a divorce lawyer in Ventura focused on effectively representing their client and working out the best settlement for them. This compromises the attorney’s duty to their client. State bar associations have hesitated in approving this process even though the American Bar Association supports the concept.

Lawyers do not have to attend standard education or training. Instead, each state sets up their own parameters for someone who wants to serve as a collaborative divorce attorney. The requirements for a collaborative divorce attorney in Ventura might differ greatly from the requirements for the same attorney who practices in New York City.

Prior to collaborative divorce, the large majority of cases settled out of court in a manner similar to how collaborative divorce negotiates a solution. In other words, the system was not broken, and collaborative divorce is trying to fix it. Opponents claim that this method is no better than previous methods in place. However, if collaborative divorce fails, then it creates additional expenses, which ultimately result in an upset couple. In addition, they could blame the other party, resulting in unnecessary hostility. Our divorce lawyer in Ventura might offer his counsel on ways to minimize hostility as your marriage ends.

Seeking Legal Counsel for your Collaborative Divorce

If you have questions about collaborative divorce or the best way to legally end your marriage, call Gary Mitchell, a divorce attorney in Ventura. You can reach him for further assistance at 888-452-1846.

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