Divorce and Reduction in Lifestyle

Aside from the emotional difficulties of filing for divorce, a Westlake Village family law attorney cautions that one or both parties may expect a reduction in lifestyle following a divorce.Westlake Village Family Law Attorney

When a couple is together, their lifestyle reflects the combination of both of their resources. Together, couples often purchased the highest standard of living that their income afforded them. Upon splitting, two halves often do not make a whole. Economies of scale are lost. Resources are tapped when some items now are doubled. Here are some examples of what now needs to be doubled:

  • Housing;
  • Furniture;
  • Cookware and linens;
  • Property insurance; and
  • Health insurance.

In addition, if you and your spouse have two children, it now becomes more expensive to buy food for four in two houses than it did in one house. Plus, basic care costs for two locations will increase. Plus, time spent shuffling between two locations is also a factor. With all these added expenses, quality of life must go down.

There is inequality elsewhere. Men generally have an economic advantage over women, including higher income levels and more opportunities for advancement. This means that generally after divorce proceedings, the standard of living for men will increase or remain the same, while the standard for women will decrease.

For more information on how your lifestyle may be affected by your divorce, contact Westlake Village family law attorney Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.


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