Including Vehicle Expenditures in a Post-Divorce Budget

A skilled Thousand Oaks family attorney helps clients settle all aspects of their divorce such as creating a budget that encompasses everyday living expenses. Comprehensive budgets include expenditures like vehicle upkeep and gas.

A Thousand Oaks Family Attorney May Be Able to Estimate Vehicle Upkeep Costs

Sometimes, car maintenance can account for a significant portion of divorcees’ transportation budgets. Many factors can affect vehicle upkeep costs including:

  • Existing vehicle warranties;
  • How frequently parts must be repaired or replaced; and
  • Cost of replacement parts and labor.

Oftentimes, divorcees can easily check whether their car warranties cover replacement parts and labor. If they do, a Thousand Oaks family attorney may not need to include this element in the budget. If warranties do not exist or do not provide cost-saving services, divorcees and their lawyer may decide to review the vehicles’ repair history to estimate future costs for necessary procedures.

A Thousand Oaks Family Lawyer Will Include Gas Costs in the Budget

Just as a divorce attorney may utilize past car maintenance expenditures to estimate prospective expenses, he or she may also do this when approximating future gas costs. Credit, debit or fuel card statements can be extremely helpful in reviewing past fuel bills and determining divorcees’ future gas expenses as part of their post-divorce budget.

A Family Lawyer to Help Throughout the Budget Process

If you need a passionate Thousand Oaks family attorney to possibly offer budgeting assistance throughout the divorce process, Gary Mitchell could be the perfect lawyer for your situation. Call him today at -888-452-1846.

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