Tactics Insurance Companies Will Use to Get Personal Injury Claimants to Take Reduced Settlements

Ventura County personal injury attorneyA¬†Ventura County personal injury attorney¬†will explain how insurance companies will use various techniques including the “carrot tactic” in a claim.

Understanding the “Carrot Tactic” and How to Combat It

Insurance claims adjusters might use stalling techniques and try the “carrot tactic” to see if the claimant will accept a settlement offer. If the claim has dragged on for one or two months and the adjuster has yet to make an offer to settle the case, the adjuster might make the excuses of the case being stuck in committed or waiting for evaluation. The idea behind this is to lure the claimant with the “carrot” of a settlement in the hopes that the attorney will keep waiting. This can go on for months.

An option for the lawyer is to ask if the adjuster is being honest about the reasons the case is being delayed and then ask for a date when there might be a response to a settlement request. The attorney can always simply move forward and file a lawsuit instead of waiting.

An Adjuster Might Try the “What Will You Take?” Tactic

This is a common strategy the adjuster and defense lawyers will use. The Ventura County personal injury lawyer will receive a call after the settlement amount request is made. They will want to get your lawyer pinned down on a number.

With “what will you take,” the insurance company wants to get your settlement amount to be lower just to get the case over with. Your attorney can say that the original settlement request will be acceptable or even more if they want to make a higher offer. This is meant to show the seriousness of the attorney.

Contact an Experienced Ventura County Personal Injury Attorney

If you have questions about tricks the adjuster and defense attorneys might use, a Ventura County personal injury attorney can help. Call Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846 today.

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