The Collaborative Divorce Process

Westlake Village family lawyerYou may hear the term “collaborative divorce” from your Westlake Village family lawyer. It refers to a process that varies from the attorney-assisted mediation process.

The Beginning

If you would like information about how this process developed, your Westlake Village family attorney may inform you that a Minneapolis family lawyer founded the concept about 20 years ago. However, now the process has been utilized by about 20,000 family law attorneys. Additionally, other countries have also utilized this process. 

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Your Westlake Village family lawyer can explain that there are several benefits that this process may entail. For example, it provides an alternative to the traditional legal system that may not be well-suited to handle the emotional aspect of divorces. In a typical civil case, one party often emerges the winner and the other the loser. However, this simplistic approach does not usually fit in with the typical breakup of a family. Unlike a traditional civil case, there is not usually a specific “finality” to the case when children are involved. For this and other reasons, collaborative divorce serves as a solid alternative to a system that is based more on determining the winner and the loser than on the best interests of the family.

If you are interested in finding out more about potential alternatives to a typical divorce case, a Westlake Village family lawyer may be able to help. Contact Gary Mitchell by calling 888-452-1846 to set up a confidential consultation.

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