Tips for Testifying

Thousand Oaks family attorneyBefore you testify in your family law case, a Thousand Oaks family attorney may provide you with the following tips to help you with the process.

Do Not Guess

Your Thousand Oaks family attorney can explain that the defendant’s attorney will try to confuse you or make you sound less credible by getting you to commit to information that may not be accurate. If you are asked a question that involves an estimation, do not guess. Instead, premise the statement on a figure being approximate, rather than making it seem exact.

Answer the Question

Don’t try to determine where a particular lawyer is going with his or her line of questioning. Instead, focus on the current question and provide an honest answer to that question.

Do Not Volunteer Information

While your natural inclination may be to help out the opposing attorney, it is important that you provide concise answers to questions. Do not volunteer additional information, offer excuses or explain information if you have not been asked for this information.

Do Not Argue with the Opposition

The opposing counsel works for the other party. No matter how much you want to convince him or her of your position being the right one, it is important that you do not try to argue with him or her. Additionally, trying to offer your own explanation may lead to questions that ultimately damage your case.

If you would like more information about how you can provide effective testimony, contact Thousand Oaks divorce mediation lawyer Gary Mitchell by calling (888) 452-1846.

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