Your Thousand Oaks Divorce Lawyer on Predicting Transportation Expenses

Thousand Oaks Divorce Lawyer

As part of creating a divorce budget, it will be important to establish what your transportation expenses will be. Your Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer can help you estimate your fuel and maintenance costs to use toward building your budget.

Your Thousand Oaks Divorce Lawyer on Fuel Expenses
Since fuel costs typically vary from year to year, it may be difficult to come up with an accurate estimate of future expenses. Your attorney will ask for your past expenses in order to best appraise what your costs have averaged. It will be easiest to make this determination if you and your spouse have kept separate accounts. Otherwise, your Thousand Oaks divorce attorney will discuss with you how past expenses would have been incurred based on how many miles each party regularly drove.

Your Thousand Oaks Divorce Attorney on Maintenance and Repair Expenses
Maintenance expenses include routine procedures, such as oil changes and replacing filters. Repair costs can be less predictable, but they are generally estimated at $50 to $100 for vehicles no longer warranted, depending on the costs of past repairs. It is fairly impossible to predict what types of major repairs might arise though.

Creating a Budget
Budgeting is a necessary but often difficult part of divorce. Speak with your Thousand Oaks divorce lawyer so that you can work together to create an accurate budget. For more information call Gary Mitchell today at 888-452-1846.

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