A Ventura Divorce Attorney Explains What to Look for When Reviewing Credit Card Records

Ventura divorce attorney There may be times in your divorce case that your Ventura divorce attorney wants to use information from your credit card records. While going through hundreds of pages may seem like a daunting task, a Ventura divorce lawyer can point out that these records can indicate important charges.

Analysis of Records

Some charges may first appear benign. For example, a simple dinner out or stop at the gas station may be an ordinary part of your routine. However, a careful analysis of these records can reveal charges that should not have been there but that are evidence of an affair, an attempt to transfer funds or wasteful spending. Additionally, a Ventura divorce attorney can point out that credit card records may help a spouse discover that his or her spouse has been spending money at gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, casinos or massage parlors. These types of businesses often have an innocuous name to hide the true identity of the business.

What to Look For

As you analyze your credit card records, look for regular charges that show a pattern. Likewise, look for a series of transactions that arise on a particular day or limited period of time. Look at both the name of the vendor and the location. Compare this information with dates when your spouse was out of town.

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