Westlake Village Family Lawyer Warns about Common Divorce Mistakes

Westlake village family lawyerIf you are starting or are already in the middle of divorce proceedings, a Westlake Village family lawyer warns of common mistakes you should avoid that will harm your case.

Almost all divorce cases settle, rather than go to trial. A smooth and quick settlement is always desirable, and this is achieved easier when you and your spouse are able to separate the feelings and focus on what will make a fair result.

However, a Westlake Village family attorney knows all too well the common mistakes spouses make that make the road to settlement much rougher. The following mistakes are common and should be avoided.

Preparing in Secret

You may think it is in your best interest to gather all financial information and property records in secret to give yourself an advantage as you start the process. What this actually does is damage any trust that exists between you and your spouse.

Being Dishonest and Non-communicative

Some people avoid revealing negative feelings or actions. These feelings will come out eventually and should not be revealed passively or in response to something your spouse says or does. A Westlake Village family lawyer advises that you are honest and direct regarding your plans and how you feel.

Confession of Past Transgressions

If you have betrayed your spouse in the past by having an affair, for example, you may feel that you can ease your guilt by confessing. However, learning about your past sins may make your spouse even angrier.

Slander and Other Nasty Comments

Do you have children? If so, your relationship with your spouse will continue long past your divorce is final. It will be important to cooperate with your spouse to determine the best way to raise your children. A Westlake Village family attorney knows that it will not benefit you, your spouse or your children to make negative comments about your spouse publicly or in front of your children.

Seek Help from a Lawyer

For more information about what mistakes to avoid during your divorce, contact Westlake Village family lawyer Gary Mitchell, Attorney at Law, at 805-449-4244.

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