A Ventura Divorce Attorney Explains What to Look for When Reviewing Credit Card Records

Ventura divorce attorney There may be times in your divorce case that your Ventura divorce attorney wants to use information from your credit card records. While going through hundreds of pages may seem like a daunting task, a Ventura divorce lawyer can point out that these records can indicate important charges.

Analysis of Records

Some charges may first appear benign. For example, a simple dinner out or stop at the gas station may be an ordinary part of your routine. However, a careful analysis of these records can reveal charges that should not have been there but that are evidence of an affair, an attempt to transfer funds or wasteful spending. Additionally, a Ventura divorce attorney can point out that credit card records may help a spouse discover that his or her spouse has been spending money at gentlemen’s clubs, escort services, casinos or massage parlors. These types of businesses often have an innocuous name to hide the true identity of the business.

What to Look For

As you analyze your credit card records, look for regular charges that show a pattern. Likewise, look for a series of transactions that arise on a particular day or limited period of time. Look at both the name of the vendor and the location. Compare this information with dates when your spouse was out of town.

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If you would like to know other things to look for, contact Gary Mitchell, Attorney at Law, at 805-449-4244.

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Westlake Village Family Lawyer Warns about Common Divorce Mistakes

Westlake village family lawyerIf you are starting or are already in the middle of divorce proceedings, a Westlake Village family lawyer warns of common mistakes you should avoid that will harm your case.

Almost all divorce cases settle, rather than go to trial. A smooth and quick settlement is always desirable, and this is achieved easier when you and your spouse are able to separate the feelings and focus on what will make a fair result.

However, a Westlake Village family attorney knows all too well the common mistakes spouses make that make the road to settlement much rougher. The following mistakes are common and should be avoided.

Preparing in Secret

You may think it is in your best interest to gather all financial information and property records in secret to give yourself an advantage as you start the process. What this actually does is damage any trust that exists between you and your spouse.

Being Dishonest and Non-communicative

Some people avoid revealing negative feelings or actions. These feelings will come out eventually and should not be revealed passively or in response to something your spouse says or does. A Westlake Village family lawyer advises that you are honest and direct regarding your plans and how you feel.

Confession of Past Transgressions

If you have betrayed your spouse in the past by having an affair, for example, you may feel that you can ease your guilt by confessing. However, learning about your past sins may make your spouse even angrier.

Slander and Other Nasty Comments

Do you have children? If so, your relationship with your spouse will continue long past your divorce is final. It will be important to cooperate with your spouse to determine the best way to raise your children. A Westlake Village family attorney knows that it will not benefit you, your spouse or your children to make negative comments about your spouse publicly or in front of your children.

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For more information about what mistakes to avoid during your divorce, contact Westlake Village family lawyer Gary Mitchell, Attorney at Law, at 805-449-4244.

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How Divorce Can Damage Children

When a couple is divorcing and there are children involved, conflict between the parents can have a significant impact on the children’s lives. A Thousand Oaks family attorney will advise you to keep the disagreements to a minimum by working together with the other parent to craft a workable plan to benefit the children.

Thousand Oaks family attorney

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Avoiding Anxiety and Conflict During a Divorce

The process of divorce can be a very difficult one that may result in anxiety and conflicts between you and your future ex-spouse. Be sure to read these 7 tips to avoid tension and agitation throughout your divorce. For further help, you can contact a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney.

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Arguments against Collaborative Divorce

 divorce attorney VenturaTraditionally, a couple who did not have issues to resolve during the divorce used a process called attorney-assisted mediation. Our divorce attorney Ventura can help you determine if collaborative divorce is a good fit for you or if you should use a traditional approach to divorce.

The Pitfalls of Collaborative Divorce

Once the divorce process is finished, the couples are barred from hiring the same attorneys again, even if they were happy with their services. This means they are denied the right to seek a legal representative of their own choosing.

Collaborative divorce focuses on working out disagreements. Traditionally, a divorce lawyer in Ventura focused on effectively representing their client and working out the best settlement for them. This compromises the attorney’s duty to their client. State bar associations have hesitated in approving this process even though the American Bar Association supports the concept.

Lawyers do not have to attend standard education or training. Instead, each state sets up their own parameters for someone who wants to serve as a collaborative divorce attorney. The requirements for a collaborative divorce attorney in Ventura might differ greatly from the requirements for the same attorney who practices in New York City.

Prior to collaborative divorce, the large majority of cases settled out of court in a manner similar to how collaborative divorce negotiates a solution. In other words, the system was not broken, and collaborative divorce is trying to fix it. Opponents claim that this method is no better than previous methods in place. However, if collaborative divorce fails, then it creates additional expenses, which ultimately result in an upset couple. In addition, they could blame the other party, resulting in unnecessary hostility. Our divorce lawyer in Ventura might offer his counsel on ways to minimize hostility as your marriage ends.

Seeking Legal Counsel for your Collaborative Divorce

If you have questions about collaborative divorce or the best way to legally end your marriage, call Gary Mitchell, a divorce attorney in Ventura. You can reach him for further assistance at 888-452-1846.

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Selling the Family Home

divorce lawyer in VenturaMost couples who go through a divorce need to address the matter of property division. One of the main concerns is what will happen to the family home. In some cases, one of the parties will be able to buy out the other party and keep the residence. However, that might not be a viable alternative, so the couple might decide to sell the home and equally divide the proceeds in a 50/50 ratio. Your divorce attorney in Ventura can help you with this process.

Unequal Division of the Proceeds From Your Home

For various reasons, the couple might divide the assets in a different ratio. Their divorce lawyer in Ventura can offer suggestions on how to best negotiate this division. However, one option is to estimate the value and then determine the difference in what each party will receive. For example, if the proceeds from the home total $100,000 and the couple decides on a 70/30 split, one party will receive $70,000 while the other party receives $30,000. The difference is $40,000. These numbers might affect the bottom line when the attorneys try to equalize the division of assets between both parties. A divorce attorney in Ventura can help them work out these differences in an amiable and fair manner.

If the proceeds are $50,000, and the split is 60/40, one party will receive $30,000 while the other party receives $20,000 for a difference of $10,000. Some jurisdictions require that the division of the marital estate be absolutely equal. In other cases, this equal division is a top priority for the couple. In either case, a divorce lawyer in Ventura can help establish an estimate before the sale. Once the sale is finalized, the couple or their lawyers will then need to work out any differences between the actual sale price and their estimate and make adjustments or corrections as needed.

Seek Help from a Divorce Lawyer

The division of assets is not always straightforward, especially when it comes to the marital home. If you have questions about property division related to your marital home, talk to our divorce lawyer in Ventura. For further information, you can reach Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.

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Initial Divorce To-Do List

Deciding to break up a marriage is a difficult decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A Westlake Village family lawyer can tell you that a spouse should consider all factors, especially practical matters, before divorcing. Here are some things you can do at the beginning of your divorce:

Westlake Village family lawyer

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Mediation of Child Custody Disputes

Ventura divorce lawyerIn some cases, a Ventura divorce lawyer may recommend that you attempt to mediate your child custody dispute. Read over the following information, and, if you have any questions, contact a Ventura divorce attorney.

Purpose of Mediation

The courts prioritize child custody cases. Due to their high level of importance, alternative methods have been established to help parents resolve these types of issues without court intervention. Additionally, your Ventura divorce attorney can explain that the courts often encourage parents to reach an amicable agreement regarding custody and other issues pertaining to the children.

Benefits of Mediation

Even if a parent does not get everything out of an agreement that he or she wants, a Ventura divorce lawyer can explain that this may be preferable over litigating a case in which the parent may be likely to get much less. Additionally, mediation can help avoid conflict so that parents can work together as co-parents. Furthermore, statistics show that individuals are extremely likely to comply with agreements that they took part in creating, far more so than with orders made by the judge.

Mediation Process

The typical mediation experience includes a neutral mediator. This mediator must usually complete a specific number of training hours before he or she is certified to be a mediator. Additionally, many mediators have extensive experience in family law cases. In a common situation, each parent arrives to mediation along with the mediator. Mediation sessions vary in the amount of time that is expended, but two to three hour sessions are not uncommon. In some cases, more than one session is needed in order for the parties to reach an amicable solution.

Some courts will mandate that the parties undergo mediation before they will agree to hear the case. This strategy has been established to help the parents realize the important role that they play in the case and their ability to affect their children’s future. However, there may be exceptions to this rule, such as when domestic violence is involved.

If you would like more information about the mediation process, contact Ventura divorce lawyer Gary Mitchell by calling (888) 452-1846.

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Tips for Testifying

Thousand Oaks family attorneyBefore you testify in your family law case, a Thousand Oaks family attorney may provide you with the following tips to help you with the process.

Do Not Guess

Your Thousand Oaks family attorney can explain that the defendant’s attorney will try to confuse you or make you sound less credible by getting you to commit to information that may not be accurate. If you are asked a question that involves an estimation, do not guess. Instead, premise the statement on a figure being approximate, rather than making it seem exact.

Answer the Question

Don’t try to determine where a particular lawyer is going with his or her line of questioning. Instead, focus on the current question and provide an honest answer to that question.

Do Not Volunteer Information

While your natural inclination may be to help out the opposing attorney, it is important that you provide concise answers to questions. Do not volunteer additional information, offer excuses or explain information if you have not been asked for this information.

Do Not Argue with the Opposition

The opposing counsel works for the other party. No matter how much you want to convince him or her of your position being the right one, it is important that you do not try to argue with him or her. Additionally, trying to offer your own explanation may lead to questions that ultimately damage your case.

If you would like more information about how you can provide effective testimony, contact Thousand Oaks divorce mediation lawyer Gary Mitchell by calling (888) 452-1846.

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How to Behave in Court

A Ventura County family lawyer may be able to offer you a variety of suggestions regarding your divorce trial. You may not realize how important your behavior is beside your testimony in court. Knowing the proper way to behave during your divorce trial may have a positive impact on your case and its ultimate resolution.

Ventura County family lawyer

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