I want to say just two words to Gary: ‘Thank you.’

Mr. Mitchell was opposing counsel in my divorce. He was a complete professional and was able work with my Attorney to come to a settlement. Because of his ability to work with my ex wife , my Attorney and myself he saved many additional hours of Court and Attorney time on both sides. He made this very unpleasant situation a little more bearable.

I would recommend Mr. Mitchell without hesitation.


-Alan C, Moorpark

Trust-worthy, reliable and available are words to describe Gary and his staff.

My divorce was a challenge and probably one of the toughest for Gary.  Gary has prosecuted it with poise and patience.  In the courtroom, Gary obviously has a long-lasting and respected relationship with the Ventura Court system.  He knows CA laws and effectively applies them.  Most importantly, he is always friendly and provides excellent service for a reasonable rate.  I highly recommend Gary for any divorce.

Tom of Thousand Oaks

“I was in a nasty divorce. I hired the first attorney. We had a hearing and my wife’s attorney was presenting her case and I believe the facts were wrong. In fact my income was grossly inflated and I had to pay an enormous amount in Temporary Spousal Support, which I could not pay. My attorney said very little. I was disappointed. I was ordered to pay an unfair amount.

I then hired the second attorney, and again I was disappointed. I was very disenchanted with the legal process so I started to represent myself. Representing myself was a mistake as the judge would not even listen to a word I said. I then called Gary Mitchell. I went to his office and he was soft spoken and I was not sure if he could argue my case. Well, I was WRONG.  He got my support in line; he won, and won and won. This attorney will not let someone run over him. It was great, when the other attorney said something that I disagreed with, Mr. Mitchell had pictures, evidence every single time. I felt I finally got justice.

Even though my wife hired the most expensive, most well known divorce attorneys in the country, they were no match for Gary Mitchell. My wife spent several hundred thousand dollars on attorneys fees, more than 8 times the amount that Mr. Mitchell charged me.

My wife would not consider any type of settlement, our case went to trial. The trial outcome was better than I could have hoped for. My spousal support was half of what we offered to pay. I was able to keep my house and was ordered to pay a very small settlement amount, a small fraction of what we had offered before trial.

I have referred several clients to Gary Mitchell and will continue to do so. I can’t thank him enough for the help he gave me.”

-Jim Purcell


Gary Mitchell-One of the few attorneys you can trust!!

I went to one attorney who charged a retainer of $4000 and did nothing for me. A friend told me about Mr. Mitchell and upon first contact, I knew I had found the right guy!

Gary is efficient and his paperwork is very clean. His approach is personable and when you call him, he is there to help. He has a calm demeanor, which works wonder in court. I now have an attorney and friend for life.

-Paul, Police Sergeant


I am honored to write this testimonial for Gary Mitchell.
What an incredible impact this man has had on my life.

When I engage a professional for any reason I have certain expectations, rarely they are met. Gary Mitchell is the exception. I interviewed four attorneys before Gary, a referral from a close friend. After five minutes I knew—this is a man who loves what he does and does it well—not flamboyantly but consistently, all of my legal issues are being handled professionally; in a timely manner, with fairness, integrity, a sense of humor and great compassion. I could not ask for a stronger advocate and what a priceless comfort during a very challenging period of my life.

-Patty Wallace


I have known Gary for years and I went to him because I trusted him.
He told me what to expect and it really happened.
My wife tried to keep my children from me. Gary Mitchell did not let it happen.
I was so happy Gary Mitchell made a deal for no spousal support.

-Jimmy Truesdell


I hired other attorneys before I found Gary Mitchell.

My wife told me that if I took her to court I would have to pay her attorney fees again. Gary Mitchell said no way; she is the one causing the problems. I was so happy when the court refused her motion for $9K in attorney fees.

Gary Mitchell told me what he could do and he did it!

-William, Police Officer


“I sincerely thank you very much Mr. Mitchell for all your work. I appreciate all that you have done in the past few years for me and my family. I am working hard to support my children, and trying to educate them and guide them. Although its hard work, since their mother now resides in Texas and is remarried, and I am guiding them on my own. I know one thing, that I will never give up on my children as she did. We now try and help each other, and I am a very proud parent that my son never gives up on his sisters and tries to guide them. My children are all around me and so are my grandchildren. Once again a sincere thanks to you Mr. Mitchell and may God bless you and your family.”

-Mohan Singh


“When I first met Gary, I was a little concerned, because he seemed so calm and laid back.  I quickly learned that he got results in the courtroom! Gary is very nice, and very organized.  I have been extremely satisfied with him.”

Scott Reynolds
SameDay Garage Doors
(805) 300-6385


“Divorce can be devastating, especially when children suffer unnecessarily and one party refuses to cooperate at every step of the process. Long and painful divorces require a dedicated, experienced attorney who understands family law and how to effectively apply it in court. Gary and his staff have demonstrated clear knowledge of the law and its application in court. Gary’s calm demeanor is paramount in contentious courtroom situations.

Thank you Gary; for your loyalty and exceptional services over my 4-year divorce.”

Tom DeMelfi